Want to know what's inside our machines? The NF-1(m) contains two processors:

  • a DSP56725 dual core DSP-processor at 250MHz dedicated to sound synthesis,
  • and one 16MHz PIC18F67K22-microcontroller to collect data from the knobs & buttons, control the LCD-screen & leds and manage midi communications.

Furthermore there's a DA-converter, Cirrus Logic's CS4392 (CS4334 on first production batch) and a few flash memorychips 24LC256.

The DSP56725 is a member of the famous DSP56-family of DSP processors by Freescale (Motorola) that populated the Access Virus, some of Waldorf's synths, Clavia's Nord Leads and many more...

Wow, wow, wait a second... Does that mean the NF-1(m) sounds like a Virus or a Nord Lead? No, of course not! Unlike analog synths, where the sound is determined by the sound chips and electronic circuits, the sound of a digital synth is defined by the program inside the chip, not by the chip itself. And that program is 100% genuine Modor built!

And the Eurorack modules? They are all based on a STM32 processors (STM32F405). They have Cirrus Logic's CS4392 DAC (Noisy Oscillator) or CS4272 codec (Formant and Comb Filter) on board.


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