You want to buy a Modor device? We don't run our own (web)shop, but we have a bunch of local dealers around the world. Look up your nearest dealer, and go to their (web)shop to buy Modor gear.

You don't have a Modor dealer near you? Check Turnlab in Belgium as we work closely together with them. They offer worldwide shipping.


Turnlab, Antwerpen. Turnlab is also our international distributor:
B-Pro Audio, Alicante
Martin Pas, Torino
Schneiders Laden, Berlin
Hieber Lindberg, München
Musicstore, Köln
Escape From Noise, Stockholm, Athene
Star's Music, Paris
House Of Sound, Basel
AudioSource, Lausanne
Rub A Dub, Glasgow
Signal Sounds, Glasgow
Juno DJ & Studio Store, London
Perfect Circuit, Burbanks CA
Three Wave Music, Hawthorne NJ
United Music, Moscow/ Москва
Nightlife Electronics, Vancouver BC
Five G, Tokyo, New Zealand
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