* Note * In the meantime, OS002 is succeeded by a next upgrade: OS003. We found 2 remaining bugs in OS002. One that prevented loading the sidechain routing along when loading a preset drumset, another that screw up syncronisation around 76BPM. These were fixed and packed into a new upgrade. Of course OS003 also features all the improvements that were made in OS002!

There's a first upgrade for the DR-2 (OS0002) ready for download at our download page! What's new?

  • Each of the 6 drum instruments has it's own compressor:
    • Use DEF+slider to set it's threshold,
    • and DEF+DEF knob (knob above the slider) to set the attack time
    • The release time is set at ~100ms,
    • it has a hard-knee 8:1 compression ratio
    • You can also use another drum channel as sidechain input
  • You can use polymeters now, every channel can have it's own separate number of steps. Use the A...F buttons + a step button (1...16) to set a polymeter.
  • Previously unused 'parts' (1-16,17-32,33-48,49-64) can now be used for variations, fill-ins etc...
  • A euclidean pattern generator, with up to 64 steps.
  • A 'gain' setting per instrument
  • And you can use the CLOCK OUT connector at the backside also for transmitting drum triggers




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