A new upgrade for the DR-2, OS0004, is ready for download now at our download page! What's new?

  • Every instrument has a small, short AMP attack envelope now. This can be used to reduce the sometimes annoying 'click' sounds at the beginning of a drum sound, and it can further soften the attack phase of each drum a bit.
    • Use SHIFT+DEF knob (knob above the slider) to set the AMP attack

  • Noise phasing has been solved: sometimes when 2 drum sounds containing noise sources were played together, they showed audible phasing. It's gone!

  • You can load just a single instrument of a drumset in memory, instead of a whole drumset.
    • keep it's button A-F pressed when you press YES while menu loading a drumset.

  • Use MODEL + SELECT(/BPM) encoder to quickly switch drum models

  • Slave syncing to an external source has been further improved and stabilised

  • Parameter names are shown when adjusting X, Y, Z and T knobs

  • The Euclidean pattern generator is made more easily accessible with the buttons SHIFT+REV !
    • Use the SELECT(/BPM) encoder and the VALUE(/SWING) and AMOUNT knobs to set the euclidean parameters, and press SHIFT+REV+YES(/MENU) to generate an euclidean pattern for the active instrument



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