A new upgrade for the NF-1 (OS014) and NF-1m (OS007) is ready for download at our download page! There's also an updated version of the user manual and the editor available!

  • A few minor little bugs got solved...
  • An annoying click sound problem with voice stealing was solved. The little clicks you heard when voice stealing happened on softer sounds with long release, is now gone...
  • Aftertouch changes are dampened to get a smoother aftertouch response.
  • We added an extra microtonal scale: a regular equal temperament scale, in which you can pick one note that can get freely detuned.
  • The filter in the delay effect can do lowpass and hipass filtering now!
  • There's a new chord memory function!
  • And finally, the communication between the NF-1(m) and the plug-in editor got improved, to make it work more stable.

That last point also means there is a new, updated version of the editor, both standalone and plug-in. This can also be found on our download page! Visually, the editor didn't change, but behind the scenes, an updated method of sysex communication got introduced. Previously, when operating a switch in the editor, a sysex dump of the complete patch got sent from the editor to the NF-1(m), leading to overloads and crashes of the editor and/or the NF-1m. This problem got solved by adding single-parameter sysex messages for controls that have no dedicated midi control change.

After the introduction of microtonal scales in OS13 the user manual wasn't updated yet. Together with all the small little adaptations the firmware got over time, this means that the manual got seriously outdated. Has been solved now! :-)


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